Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association


Cardigan Welsh Corgi 100 Club :

The CWCA is running a 100 Club to raise funds for our major 5 year anniversay shows.

Rules of the lottery :

  1. The Club shall be called The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association 100 Club. The promoter, on behalf of the CWCA, is Mr John Essenhigh, 217 Heol Waterloo, Penygroes, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA14 7RBThe primary object of the Club is to raise funds for the CWCA five year anniversary shows..
  2. 'The Club' shall be administered by an Executive Committee consisting of John Essenhigh, Karen Hewitt and Eileen Eby..
  3. Membership shall be limited to 100 persons at any one time and shall be open to all members of the dog show fraternity who are over 16 years of age. Families, syndicates or multiple applicants are welcome, but the named applicant must be a member of the dog show fraternity. On completion of an application form each Member will receive a numbered Membership ticket (s) and a copy of these rules.
  4. The subscription to the 100 Club for one number/share shall be £20 per year payable annually in advance by cheque or cash. This will give members one number which will be placed in 4 consecutive draws, co-incident where possible with CWCA shows. This number shall remain the member’s throughout the year. Members may have and are encouraged to have multiple subscriptions.
  5. The club will be run on a continual basis commencing in February 2016. There is no provision to opt in/out on a show by show basis.
  6. Each draw will be made under the supervision of the promoter, with an independent witness. Any member may attend a draw.
  7. The prizes will be as follows:
  8. 1st prize £40
    2nd prize £20
    3rd prize £10

    Please note the above prize values are the minimum that will be paid; prizes may be higher depending upon whether the full number of numbers are taken up.

  9. A member may win multiple prizes during the year, as on completion of each draw all the winning numbers will be included in subsequent draws.
  10. Prize money for the draws which take place at the shows will be paid at those shows (should the member be present); otherwise it will be posted to the winners. It will be the responsibility of members to notify the promoter of any change of address.
  11. A complete list of winners will be posted on the CWCA website, and also published in the CWCA newsletter.
  12. This lottery will be reviewed from time to time. If there is sufficient support, membership and prizes may be extended.
  13. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the CWCA Committee shall be final.


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a previous winner

a happy winner from an earlier 100 club draw


Download an entry form here
2021 Winners
6 March:
place name number
1st John Essenhigh 64
2nd Caroline Langford 31
3rd Eileen Eby 13