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Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association
Calendar  2018
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10 February Plymouth & DCS General Open Mrs Hazel Fitzgibbon 1 Show Results
3 November Devon & Cornwall Welsh Corgi Club Open 12
15 July Evesham & DCS General Open Margaret Harkin 3 Schedule  Map
4 January Boston & DCS ChampionshipNoCCs MISS AMANDA REES 8 Show Results
6 January Taunton & DCA General Open Miss S. Smith 2 Show Results
14 January Welsh Kennel Club General Open Mr Gary Clarke 4 Show Results
14 January St. Andrews, Cupar & DCS Limited PAULINE LESLIE 1 Schedule  Map
20 January Manchester Championship Mrs Margaret Wildman 12 Show Results
7 January Heywood & Radcliffe CS General Open Mr Paul Harding 1 Show Results
7 January Paisley & DCS General Open Mr Des Manton 1 Schedule  Map
13 January South Wales Corgi Club Open Miss Cerys Davies 8 Show Results
27 January Lichfield CS General Open Miss Bonnie Wiles 4 Show Results
27 January Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & District CS General Open Paul Rutledge 1 Schedule  Map
28 January Cardiff CS General Open Miss A Richardson 4 Show Results
8 March CRUFTS Championship Mrs Thelma Taylor 16 Show Results
17 February Ilfracombe & DCS General Open Bev White 2 Show Results
11 February Pennine & Yorkshire Welsh Corgi Assoc Open John Scanlan 24 Show Results
17 February National Working & Pastoral Breeds Open Mrs Lynda Parrish (Dangavlyns) 3 Show Results
10 February South East Corgi Association Open Mr Andrew Morris 18 Show Results
18 February Ashton Under Lyne & DKA General Open Sally Duffin 3 Schedule  Map
10 February Swansea & DCC General Open RAYE PARRY 3 Schedule  Map
17 February Upperward of Lanarkshire CS General Open Mrs MARGARET ROSS 1 Schedule  Map
17 March Swindon & DCS General Open Carol Stuckey 2 Show Results
18 February Barrow & DKA General Open Gill Pollard 2 Schedule  Map
18 February Llynfi Valley CS General Open Mrs Sue Ellis 1 Schedule  Map
24 February Okehampton & DCS General Open Christine Ellis 2 Schedule  Map
18 February West of England Corgi Assoc Open Mr Tim Ball 12 Show Results
24 February CWCA Open Mrs S Harrison 17 Show Results
7 March East of Scotland CC General Open Michael Braddish 1 Schedule  Map
25 February Catrine Canine Club General Open Mr A Easdon 1 Schedule  Map
3 June Bridgend & DKA General Open Mrs EP Hollings 2 Schedule  Map
18 March Whitehaven & DCA General Open Mrs Jean Turnbull 2 Schedule  Map
7 April Exonian CA General Open Mrs Paula Wilson 2 Show Results
18 March Pontypridd & DCS General Open MR I HUTCHINSON 3 Schedule  Map
24 March Llandudno CS General Open Mrs. Val Geddes 2 Show Results
1 April Chippenham & DCS General Open Mrs T. Cousins-Brown 2 Show Results
17 March Midland Welsh Corgi Club Championship Mrs Mary Davies 26 Show Results
24 March Herts & Essex Border CS General Open Diane Mottram 3 Show Results
24 March Exeter & CCS General Open Felicity Snook 3 Show Results
25 March Bridgwater & DCS General Open Clare Burnett 1 Show Results
31 March Rochdale & DCS General Open Geoff Duffield 3 Schedule  Map
31 March Bristol & DDC General Open Mrs Celia Vines 2 Show Results
1 April St Agnes CA General Open Mrs K Gilliland 2 Schedule  Map
24 March South Wales Corgi Club Championship Mr Huw Bishop 14 Show Results
8 April Pontypool & DCS General Open Mrs G Davies 2 Schedule  Map
27 April WELKS Championship Mr Graham Hill 16 Show Results
31 March The Welsh Corgi Club Open Mr W Preston 12 Show Results
21 April Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship Miss Fran Fricker 11 Show Results
13 May National Dog Show Championship Miss Eileen Eby (Kilvroch) 14 Show Results
8 April Eastern Counties Welsh Corgi Club Championship NoCCs Miss Linda Roberts 20 Show Results
15 April Saltburn & DCS General Open MRS. NICOLA GARBUTT 1 Schedule  Map
7 April Tredegar & DCS Limited Ms Ros Bates 1 Schedule  Map
18 May Scottish Kennel Club Championship Mr John Ritchie 12 Show Results
22 April Leominster CS General Open Bill Rogerson 3 Show Results
15 April Selkirk & DCS General Open Alastair Baillie 1 Schedule  Map
7 May Marlborough & DCS General Open Mr G.H. Lawler 3 Show Results
22 April Llanelli & DCS General Open Mrs D Maas 5 Show Results
17 May Devon County Show General Open Mrs Maria Chalk 2 Schedule  Map
6 May Hereford & County KS General Open Mrs H. Fitzgibbon 3 Show Results
5 May Anglesey CS General Open Sarah Richardson 2 Schedule  Map
7 May North West CA General Open Karen Powney 4 Schedule  Map
7 June Royal Cornwall AS General Open Mr J Purnell 2 Schedule  Map
19 May Royal Welsh AS General Open Miss Marion Hodgson 3 Show Results
2 June Southern Counties Championship NoCCs Ms Allyson King 12 Show Results
8 June Three Counties Championship Mrs L Carter 12 Show Results
12 May CWCA Open Mr G King 18 Show Results
13 May West Country DC General Open Debbie Stansbury 3 Schedule  Map
7 May Aberystwyth & DCS General Open Ms S Perry 3 Show Results
13 May Cumnuck & DCC General Open Mr W Armstrong 1 Schedule  Map
20 May Christchurch & New Forest CS General Open MR DARREN CLARKE 2 Show Results
27 May Bath Championship NoCCs Mr D P Jones 12 Show Results
16 June Border Union Championship NoCCs MR KEITH NATHAN 6 Show Results
24 June Blackpool Championship NoCCs MR HEDD RICHARDS 8 Show Results
19 June Cheshire County Show General Open Mrs D Stansbury 3 Schedule  Map
26 May Carluke & DCS General Open Colin Gullon 1 Schedule  Map
30 May Reading & DKA General Open Mr Mark James 2 Schedule  Map
10 June Newmarket & DCS General Open Sammi Aynscough 4 Show Results
16 June Taunton & DCA General Open John Carter 2 Schedule  Map
10 June St. Andrews, Cupar & DCS General Open Mr BILL PATTERSON 1 Schedule  Map
30 June Windsor Championship NoCCs Mrs Sue Bird 13 Show Results
8 July East of England AS Championship NoCCs Joanna Ryder-Wood 12 Show Results
9 June Dundee Canine Club General Open Dawn Woodey 2 Schedule  Map
17 June Chepstow & DCS General Open MARK HALES 2 Show Results
23 June Clacton & DCS General Open Mr K. Derry 3 Schedule  Map
23 June Carmarthen CS General Open Miss Kerry Frosdick 4 Show Results
8 June Welsh Corgi Club of Cambria Open Mr Jeff Finney 14 Show Results
24 June Eastbourne & DCS General Open Mr Nigel Price 3 Show Results
7 July Monmouthshire SS General Open Mrs Celia Vines 3 Show Results
15 July Yeovil & DCS General Open Michael Braddish 1 Show Results
8 July Liskeard & DCA General Open MR HEDD RICHARDS 2 Schedule  Map
16 July Stithians AS General Open Mrs S Duffin 2 Schedule  Map
14 July National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Mrs Julia Swann 14 Show Results
11 August Tayside, Lochee & DCC General Open jANET JOHNSTON 1 Schedule  Map
2 July Hawick & DCS General Open Ann Brown 1 Schedule  Map
8 July Poole General Open MR. C. TOYNTON 3 Schedule  Map
6 August Paignton Championship NoCCs Mr R Oldham 7 Show Results
16 July Annandale CS General Open RS. LINDA MORTON 1 Schedule  Map
15 July Kingston CS General Open Richard Kinsey 2 Schedule  Map
25 July Minehead & DCS General Open Mr R Stafford 2 Show Results
18 August Welsh Kennel Club Championship Mr Tom Johnston 14 Show Results
14 July Pembrokeshire CA General Open MRS JUDITH ROBIN 1 Schedule  Map
1 August North Devon AS General Open Mrs Rosemary O'Sullivan 1 Schedule  Map
21 July Plymouth & DCS General Open RICHARD STAFFORD 2 Schedule  Map
28 July Wiveliscombe & DCS General Open Mr Peter Boot 1 Show Results
22 July Langstone & DCS General Open DAVID KNIGHTS 3 Show Results
28 July EuroCorgi Special Awards Championship Mrs Susan Hadley 3 Show Results
28 July Heckington & DCA General Open Caroline King-Cherne 2 Show Results
28 July EuroCorgi Championship Mr Peter Clifton 22 Show Results
26 August Scottish Kennel Club Championship NoCCs MRS E ELLWOOD (ELLHAR) 4 Show Results
13 August Bournemouth Championship Miss Jean Lanning 12 Show Results
28 July Upperward of Lanarkshire CS General Open Mrs Karen Gilliland 1 Schedule  Map
6 August Devon & Cornwall Welsh Corgi Club Open Karen Gilliland 14 Show Results
1 September City of Birmingham Championship Mr Kevin Young 14 Show Results
11 August Carlisle & DCS General Open MRS. I. GREEN 1 Schedule  Map
8 August Vale of Glamorgan AS General Open Mr edwin Micallef 2 Show Results
8 September Richmond Championship NoCCs Gordon R Haran 4 Show Results
19 August Mid Somerset AS General Open Mrs Daphne Fielding 2 Show Results
4 August South Wales Corgi Club Open Mr Lars Saether 8 Show Results
2 September Suffolk K A General Open Miss Amanda Jefferson 2 Show Results
15 September Darlington Championship NoCCs Mr Martyn Lovell 9 Show Results
8 September North Devon CA General Open Irene Feely 3 Show Results
27 August West Country DC General Open Colin Richardson 3 Show Results
27 August Pontardulais A & HS General Open LEANA LEWIS 2 Show Results
8 September Kington AS General Open Mr Chrys Dawson 3 Show Results
8 September Lothian CC General Open MRS J FORSHAW 1 Schedule  Map
15 September Exeter & CCS General Open Christine Collins 3 Schedule  Map
16 September Westbury & DCS General Open Jenny haldane 4 Schedule  Map
16 September Okehampton & DCS General Open Sally Pointon 2 Schedule  Map
16 September Sheringham & DKA General Open mr Joe Smith 3 Show Results
20 September Thame & Oxfordshire CCS General Open Edward Forsey 4 Show Results
30 September Belfast CS Championship NoCCs MR T BALL 5 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
5 October South Wales KA Championship Mr Barry Croft 16 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
23 September Tongwynlais CS General Open Kathy George 1 Schedule  Map
9 September Midland Welsh Corgi Club Open Mr Martin Sanders 10 Show Results
7 October Great Yarmouth, Goreleston & DCS General Open Kathleen J. Frawley 3 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
29 September Llandysul & DCS General Open Mrs Anita L. Bax 2 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
29 September CWCA Championship Mrs M Aynscough 25 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
6 October West of England Corgi Assoc Championship Mr R Searle 16 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
13 October Liskeard & DCA General Open CATH BOND 1 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
30 September Selkirk & DCS General Open Martin Baker 1 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
26 October Midland Counties CS Championship NoCCs Mrs Jan Keeble 10 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
5 October Welsh Corgi Club of Cambria Open Miss Denise Hunt 14 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
13 October Pennine & Yorkshire Welsh Corgi Assoc Championship NoCCs Anneli Sutela 20 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
14 October Hitchin & DCS General Open Mr Tim Ball 3 Entries closed 27 September Schedule  Map
20 October Llandudno CS General Open Helen Fletcher 2 Entries closed 1 October Schedule  Map
20 October Tredegar & DCS General Open Mrs JANE BROCK 1 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
3 November Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Championship NoCCs MRS C DAVIES 3 29 September 7 October Schedule  Map
21 October Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & District CS General Open Chrissie Pelligrini 1 1 October 8 October Schedule  Map
10 November Plymouth & DKA General Open MRS JANE STEVENS 2 6 October 13 October Schedule  Map
3 November Amman Valley CS General Open Mrs HELEN GUTTERIDGE 3 8 October 22 October Schedule  Map
15 December Ladies Kennel Association Championship Mr Alan Taylor 16 15 October 22 October Schedule  Map
9 December Bristol & DDC General Open NICK GROSVENOR 2 19 November 26 November Schedule  Map