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Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association
Calendar  2018
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13 May Cumnuck & DCC General Open Mr W Armstrong 1 Schedule  Map
27 December Wealdstone & Northolt CS General Open A Carter 4 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
15 April Selkirk & DCS General Open Alastair Baillie 1 Schedule  Map
2 July Hawick & DCS General Open Ann Brown 1 Schedule  Map
13 October Pennine & Yorkshire Welsh Corgi Assoc Championship NoCCs Anneli Sutela 20 Show Results
17 February Ilfracombe & DCS General Open Bev White 2 Show Results
22 April Leominster CS General Open Bill Rogerson 3 Show Results
25 November Stroud & DCS General Open Bob Rushton 2 Show Results
17 March Swindon & DCS General Open Carol Stuckey 2 Show Results
28 July Heckington & DCA General Open Caroline King-Cherne 2 Show Results
13 October Liskeard & DCA General Open CATH BOND 1 Schedule  Map
21 October Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & District CS General Open Chrissie Pelligrini 1 Schedule  Map
15 September Exeter & CCS General Open Christine Collins 3 Schedule  Map
24 February Okehampton & DCS General Open Christine Ellis 2 Schedule  Map
25 March Bridgwater & DCS General Open Clare Burnett 1 Show Results
26 May Carluke & DCS General Open Colin Gullon 1 Schedule  Map
27 August West Country DC General Open Colin Richardson 3 Show Results
22 July Langstone & DCS General Open DAVID KNIGHTS 3 Show Results
9 June Dundee Canine Club General Open Dawn Woodey 2 Schedule  Map
13 May West Country DC General Open Debbie Stansbury 3 Schedule  Map
24 March Herts & Essex Border CS General Open Diane Mottram 3 Show Results
20 September Thame & Oxfordshire CCS General Open Edward Forsey 4 Show Results
24 March Exeter & CCS General Open Felicity Snook 3 Show Results
31 March Rochdale & DCS General Open Geoff Duffield 3 Schedule  Map
18 February Barrow & DKA General Open Gill Pollard 2 Schedule  Map
8 September Richmond Championship NoCCs Gordon R Haran 4 Show Results
20 October Llandudno CS General Open Helen Fletcher 2 Schedule  Map
8 September North Devon CA General Open Irene Feely 3 Show Results
18 November Camberly & DCS General Open Jacky Cutler 3 Show Results
11 August Tayside, Lochee & DCC General Open jANET JOHNSTON 1 Schedule  Map
16 September Westbury & DCS General Open Jenny haldane 4 Show Results
8 July East of England AS Championship NoCCs Joanna Ryder-Wood 12 Show Results
16 June Taunton & DCA General Open John Carter 2 Schedule  Map
11 February Pennine & Yorkshire Welsh Corgi Assoc Open John Scanlan 24 Show Results
6 August Devon & Cornwall Welsh Corgi Club Open Karen Gilliland 14 Show Results
7 May North West CA General Open Karen Powney 4 Schedule  Map
7 October Great Yarmouth, Goreleston & DCS General Open Kathleen J. Frawley 3 Schedule  Map
23 September Tongwynlais CS General Open Kathy George 1 Show Results
27 August Pontardulais A & HS General Open LEANA LEWIS 2 Show Results
18 November Clydebank & DCC General Open Liz Jay 1 Schedule  Map
15 July Evesham & DCS General Open Margaret Harkin 3 Show Results
17 June Chepstow & DCS General Open MARK HALES 2 Show Results
30 September Selkirk & DCS General Open Martin Baker 1 Schedule  Map
7 March East of Scotland CC General Open Michael Braddish 1 Schedule  Map
15 July Yeovil & DCS General Open Michael Braddish 1 Show Results
28 January Cardiff CS General Open Miss A Richardson 4 Show Results
2 September Suffolk K A General Open Miss Amanda Jefferson 2 Show Results
4 January Boston & DCS ChampionshipNoCCs MISS AMANDA REES 8 Show Results
27 January Lichfield CS General Open Miss Bonnie Wiles 4 Show Results
13 January South Wales Corgi Club Open Miss Cerys Davies 8 Show Results
5 October Welsh Corgi Club of Cambria Open Miss Denise Hunt 14 Show Results
13 May National Dog Show Championship Miss Eileen Eby (Kilvroch) 14 Show Results
21 April Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship Miss Fran Fricker 11 Show Results
13 August Bournemouth Championship Miss Jean Lanning 12 Show Results
23 June Carmarthen CS General Open Miss Kerry Frosdick 4 Show Results
8 April Eastern Counties Welsh Corgi Club Championship NoCCs Miss Linda Roberts 20 Show Results
19 May Royal Welsh AS General Open Miss Marion Hodgson 3 Show Results
6 January Taunton & DCA General Open Miss S. Smith 2 Show Results
25 February Catrine Canine Club General Open Mr A Easdon 1 Schedule  Map
15 December Ladies Kennel Association Championship Mr Alan Taylor 16 Show Results
10 February South East Corgi Association Open Mr Andrew Morris 18 Show Results
5 October South Wales KA Championship Mr Barry Croft 16 Show Results
10 June St. Andrews, Cupar & DCS General Open Mr BILL PATTERSON 1 Schedule  Map
8 September Kington AS General Open Mr Chrys Dawson 3 Show Results
27 May Bath Championship NoCCs Mr D P Jones 12 Show Results
20 May Christchurch & New Forest CS General Open MR DARREN CLARKE 2 Show Results
7 January Paisley & DCS General Open Mr Des Manton 1 Schedule  Map
8 August Vale of Glamorgan AS General Open Mr edwin Micallef 2 Show Results
12 May CWCA Open Mr G King 18 Show Results
7 May Marlborough & DCS General Open Mr G.H. Lawler 3 Show Results
14 January Welsh Kennel Club General Open Mr Gary Clarke 4 Show Results
11 November Port Talbot & Neath CS General Open Mr Gary Gray 3 Show Results
27 April WELKS Championship Mr Graham Hill 16 Show Results
24 June Blackpool Championship NoCCs MR HEDD RICHARDS 8 Show Results
8 July Liskeard & DCA General Open MR HEDD RICHARDS 2 Schedule  Map
8 December Treharris & DCS General Open Mr Hedd Richards 2 Schedule  Map
24 March South Wales Corgi Club Championship Mr Huw Bishop 14 Show Results
18 March Pontypridd & DCS General Open MR I HUTCHINSON 3 Schedule  Map
7 June Royal Cornwall AS General Open Mr J Purnell 2 Schedule  Map
8 June Welsh Corgi Club of Cambria Open Mr Jeff Finney 14 Show Results
18 November Eastern Counties Welsh Corgi Club Open Mr Jeff Luscott 10 Show Results
16 September Sheringham & DKA General Open mr Joe Smith 3 Show Results
1 December Exonian CA General Open Mr John Congdon 2 Show Results
18 May Scottish Kennel Club Championship Mr John Ritchie 12 Show Results
23 June Clacton & DCS General Open Mr K. Derry 3 Schedule  Map
16 June Border Union Championship NoCCs MR KEITH NATHAN 6 Show Results
1 September City of Birmingham Championship Mr Kevin Young 14 Show Results
4 August South Wales Corgi Club Open Mr Lars Saether 8 Show Results
30 May Reading & DKA General Open Mr Mark James 2 Schedule  Map
9 September Midland Welsh Corgi Club Open Mr Martin Sanders 10 Show Results
15 September Darlington Championship NoCCs Mr Martyn Lovell 9 Show Results
24 June Eastbourne & DCS General Open Mr Nigel Price 3 Show Results
18 November Blackwood & DCS General Open Mr P. WILKINSON 2 Show Results
7 January Heywood & Radcliffe CS General Open Mr Paul Harding 1 Show Results
28 July Wiveliscombe & DCS General Open Mr Peter Boot 1 Show Results
28 July EuroCorgi Championship Mr Peter Clifton 22 Show Results
6 August Paignton Championship NoCCs Mr R Oldham 7 Show Results
6 October West of England Corgi Assoc Championship Mr R Searle 16 Show Results
25 July Minehead & DCS General Open Mr R Stafford 2 Show Results
30 September Belfast CS Championship NoCCs MR T BALL 5 Schedule  Map
18 February West of England Corgi Assoc Open Mr Tim Ball 12 Show Results
14 October Hitchin & DCS General Open Mr Tim Ball 3 Schedule  Map
18 August Welsh Kennel Club Championship Mr Tom Johnston 14 Show Results
31 March The Welsh Corgi Club Open Mr W Preston 12 Show Results
8 July Poole General Open MR. C. TOYNTON 3 Schedule  Map
27 December Stourbridge & DCS General Open Mrs A M Stevens 4 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map
29 September Llandysul & DCS General Open Mrs Anita L. Bax 2 Schedule  Map
3 November Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Championship NoCCs MRS C DAVIES 4 Show Results
2 December Land O Burns CC General Open Mrs C P Richard 1 Schedule  Map
27 December Livingstone CS General Open Mrs C Smith 1 Entries closed Schedule  Map
31 March Bristol & DDC General Open Mrs Celia Vines 2 Show Results
7 July Monmouthshire SS General Open Mrs Celia Vines 3 Show Results
22 April Llanelli & DCS General Open Mrs D Maas 5 Show Results
19 June Cheshire County Show General Open Mrs D Stansbury 3 Schedule  Map
19 August Mid Somerset AS General Open Mrs Daphne Fielding 2 Show Results
26 August Scottish Kennel Club Championship NoCCs MRS E ELLWOOD (ELLHAR) 4 Show Results
3 June Bridgend & DKA General Open Mrs EP Hollings 2 Schedule  Map
8 April Pontypool & DCS General Open Mrs G Davies 2 Schedule  Map
6 May Hereford & County KS General Open Mrs H. Fitzgibbon 3 Show Results
10 February Plymouth & DCS General Open Mrs Hazel Fitzgibbon 1 Show Results
3 November Amman Valley CS General Open Mrs HELEN GUTTERIDGE 3 Show Results
8 September Lothian CC General Open MRS J FORSHAW 1 Schedule  Map
26 October Midland Counties CS Championship NoCCs Mrs Jan Keeble 10 Show Results
20 October Tredegar & DCS General Open Mrs JANE BROCK 1 Show Results
10 November Plymouth & DKA General Open MRS JANE STEVENS 2 Show Results
18 March Whitehaven & DCA General Open Mrs Jean Turnbull 2 Schedule  Map
14 July Pembrokeshire CA General Open MRS JUDITH ROBIN 1 Schedule  Map
14 July National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Mrs Julia Swann 14 Show Results
1 April St Agnes CA General Open Mrs K Gilliland 2 Schedule  Map
28 July Upperward of Lanarkshire CS General Open Mrs Karen Gilliland 1 Schedule  Map
8 June Three Counties Championship Mrs L Carter 12 Show Results
17 February National Working & Pastoral Breeds Open Mrs Lynda Parrish (Dangavlyns) 3 Show Results
29 September CWCA Championship Mrs Margaret Aynscough 25 Show Results
17 February Upperward of Lanarkshire CS General Open Mrs MARGARET ROSS 1 Schedule  Map
20 January Manchester Championship Mrs Margaret Wildman 12 Show Results
17 May Devon County Show General Open Mrs Maria Chalk 2 Schedule  Map
17 March Midland Welsh Corgi Club Championship Mrs Mary Davies 26 Show Results
7 April Exonian CA General Open Mrs Paula Wilson 2 Show Results
1 August North Devon AS General Open Mrs Rosemary O'Sullivan 1 Schedule  Map
16 July Stithians AS General Open Mrs S Duffin 2 Schedule  Map
24 February CWCA Open Mrs S Harrison 17 Show Results
3 November Devon & Cornwall Welsh Corgi Club Open MRS S. DUFFIN 12 Show Results
30 June Windsor Championship NoCCs Mrs Sue Bird 13 Show Results
18 February Llynfi Valley CS General Open Mrs Sue Ellis 1 Schedule  Map
28 July EuroCorgi Special Awards Championship Mrs Susan Hadley 3 Show Results
1 April Chippenham & DCS General Open Mrs T. Cousins-Brown 2 Show Results
8 March CRUFTS Championship Mrs Thelma Taylor 16 Show Results
11 November Minehead & DCS General Open Mrs Val Dyer 2 Show Results
9 December Penrith & DCS General Open MRS. HELEN BURKE 2 Schedule  Map
11 August Carlisle & DCS General Open MRS. I. GREEN 1 Schedule  Map
15 April Saltburn & DCS General Open MRS. NICOLA GARBUTT 1 Schedule  Map
24 March Llandudno CS General Open Mrs. Val Geddes 2 Show Results
2 June Southern Counties Championship NoCCs Ms Allyson King 12 Show Results
7 April Tredegar & DCS Limited Ms Ros Bates 1 Schedule  Map
7 May Aberystwyth & DCS General Open Ms S Perry 3 Show Results
9 December Bristol & DDC General Open NICK GROSVENOR 2 Schedule  Map
24 November The Welsh Corgi Club Open Nr Neil Thomas 12 Show Results
27 January Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & District CS General Open Paul Rutledge 1 Schedule  Map
14 January St. Andrews, Cupar & DCS Limited PAULINE LESLIE 1 Schedule  Map
10 February Swansea & DCC General Open RAYE PARRY 3 Schedule  Map
15 July Kingston CS General Open Richard Kinsey 2 Schedule  Map
21 July Plymouth & DCS General Open RICHARD STAFFORD 2 Schedule  Map
16 July Annandale CS General Open RS. LINDA MORTON 1 Schedule  Map
18 February Ashton Under Lyne & DKA General Open Sally Duffin 3 Schedule  Map
16 September Okehampton & DCS General Open Sally Pointon 2 Schedule  Map
10 June Newmarket & DCS General Open Sammi Aynscough 4 Show Results
5 May Anglesey CS General Open Sarah Richardson 2 Schedule  Map
28 December Ashbourne & DCS General Open Tate Forsey 3 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule  Map