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2015 Championship Show Winners

September Wnners

left to right:

Dog CC & Best In Show
Croft-Elliott & Dijkhorst's

Bitch CC, Reserve Best In Show
& Best Opposite Sex:

Eby & Taylor's

Back row:
Chairman: Mrs K Hewitt
Judge: Mrs CE Cartledge
Secretary: Mr H Bishop
Treasurer: Miss E Eby

Best Puppy and Best Veteran

Best Puppy in Show:

Best Veteran In Show :

Welcome to the CWCA website.

We are the parent breed club for Cardigan Welsh Corgis in the UK.

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2015 AGM Minutes

90th Anniversary Year !!!!

We are producing a Handbook this year and encourage our members to reserve an advert and pre-order a copy today.

The publication will coincide with our Championship show in September.

Deadline for adverts is 30th June.

Download the booking form and follow the instructions

Due to clashes with Crufts and SKC, we have had to change the dates of our Open Shows for 2016

Both Shows will be at Mappleborough Green:

Saturday 27 February
Saturday 14 May (followed by the AGM)

Cardigan Breed Education

The Cardicommentary site has very kindly given us the fruits of all their labours. We will be reviewing the contents and making available to all through the CWCA site.

Recent Shows:

Entries Closing within 21 days:

7 February
Pennine & Yorkshire Welsh Corgi Assoc
Judge: Mr G Duffield
6 February
Ilfracombe & DCS
General Open
Judge: Angela Ashbourne (Angelicus)
31 January
Cardiff CS
General Open
Judge: Mr A Carter

View Results

30 January
Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & District CS
General Open
Judge: Leandra Scott (Degallo)

View Results

24 January
Ashton Under Lyne & DKA
General Open
Judge: Cath Moffat
Tomorrow:  8 February
Clydebank & DCC
General Open
1 Cardi Classes
Judge: Mrs Lisa Tyler Jackson
Show Date: 5 March

Schedule Map

8 Days:  15 February
Catrine Canine Club
General Open
1 Cardi Classes
Judge: Mr T Mather
Show Date: 28 February

Schedule Map

11 Days:  18 February
Ilfracombe & DCS
General Open
2 Cardi Classes
Judge: Angela Ashbourne (Angelicus)
Show Date: 6 February
Postal Entries Closed: 2 January
Online Entries Close: 18 February Midnight

Schedule Map

13 Days:  20 February
17 Cardi Classes
Judge: Mr Lars Saether
Show Date: 27 February
Online Entries Close: 20 February Midnight

Schedule Map

13 Days:  20 February
Whitehaven & DCA
General Open
2 Cardi Classes
Judge: Mr. John Thirlwell
Show Date: 20 March
Postal Entries Close: 20 February
Online Entries Close: 27 February Noon

Schedule Map

15 Days:  22 February
Pontypridd & DCS
General Open
3 Cardi Classes
Judge: Carol Marsden
Show Date: 20 March
Postal Entries Close: 22 February
Online Entries Close: 6 March Midnight

Schedule Map

19 Days:  26 February
Chippenham & DCS
General Open
2 Cardi Classes
Judge: Mr D. Jones (Shavals)
Show Date: 3 April
Postal Entries Close: 26 February
Online Entries Close: 4 March Midnight

Schedule Map

20 Days:  27 February
Midland Welsh Corgi Club
26 Cardi Classes
Judge: Mr Alan Barlow
Show Date: 5 March
Postal Entries Close: 27 February
Online Entries Close: 29 February Midnight

Schedule Map

20 Days:  27 February
Llandysul & DCS
General Open
2 Cardi Classes
Judge: Mr Peter Matfin
Show Date: 26 March


20 Days:  27 February
Whitehaven & DCA
General Open
2 Cardi Classes
Judge: Mr. John Thirlwell
Show Date: 20 March
Postal Entries Close: 20 February
Online Entries Close: 27 February Noon

Schedule Map

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In an effort to encourage support for new judges, please will you with details of shows with Cardigan Classes?

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We have 25,469 show records for 1191 dogs in Cardigan Classes at 1199 Championship and Open Shows in our database!

Show Schedules are in Adobe pdf format. Please be sure you have Adobe Reader XI or greater
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Schedules are provided courtesy of:
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